Skool groepe/School groups

Veldskool/Field school
Avontuur kampe/Adventure Camps
Perdry/Horse trails
Personeel naweke/Personnel weekends
Leiers identifisering/Leadership Identification
Leiers ontwikkeling/Leadership development
Sport kampe en klinieke/Sport camps and clinics


Examples of a typical week option:
Monday Tuesday
11h00 Arrival, welcoming, briefing, rules, unpack, rooms 6h30 Daily Devotional
12h00 Icebreakers 7h00 PT (Optional)
13h00 Lunch 8h00 Breakfast
14h00 Raft Building, slip and slide, kettie paintball 9h00 Obstacle course, Pool activities
17h00 Bath and shower before dinner 12h00 Slip and slide
18h00 Dinner 13h00 Lunch
19h00 Brainteasers and games 14h00 Adventure racing
20h00 Scavenger Hunt 17h00 Bath and shower before dinner
22h00 Coffee and rusks 18h00 Dinner
23h00 Lights out 19h00 Concert
    22h00 Coffee and rusks
    23h00 Lights out
Wednesday Thursday
6h30 Daily Devotional 6h30 Daily Devotional
7h00 PT (Optional) 7h00 PT (Optional)
8h00 Breakfast 8h00 Breakfast
9h00 Bow and Arrow, Horseback ridings, High ropes courses 9h00 Warrior race (physical fitness)
12h00 Swimming 12h00 Swimming or slip and slide
13h00 Lunch 13h00 Lunch
14h00 Group dynamics, volleyball, games 14h00 Boer sports
17h00 Bath and shower before dinner 17h00 Bath and shower before dinner
18h00 Dinner 18h00 Braai
19h00 Indoor games 19h00 Marshmallow braai at the Bush Baby Boma, sokkie
20h00 Storm the Lantern 23h00 Lights out
22h00 Coffee and rusks    
23h00 Lights out    
6h30 Daily Devotional
8h00 Breakfast
9h00 Departure

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